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OUTSIDE different. Bijoux.
Accessories that give character to your look and light up your personality.
Colors, materials, shapes. Geographies, mood, research.
Style. Unique.

Soul, mind, hands.

We conceive your bijoux with love. We handcraft it with dedication.

Travel. We are often on the move. Looking for unbeaten paths, trends to discover, fashions to rediscover.

The artisans. We collaborate with leading and lesser-known artists. We know their voice, their gaze, their smile and their dexterity.

 Shaped in Italy. Most of our materials are made in Italy. But we open the doors to atmospheres light colors sounds that in certain places beat with inspiration.


Of each jewel we make only one or few pieces that are never the same.

Material. We personally select, often in the cradle of production, every single element that composes your bijoux.

The mix. Meeting and discussion generate new ideas. We love dialogue between materials.

Colors. Lively, harmonious or contrasting. Stories to live.



Our jewels adapt to you, different every day. With denim or with silk, with a leather jacket or with that little black dress.

Trend. Fashion fascinates us but does not trap us. We make accessories that you can wear today, tomorrow, always.

Sustainability. We prefer the economy of beauty and the one-off piece. We give value to the human dimension.

Pleasure. Choose your accessory. It will talk about you.


We are ready to give advice. To turn your suggestions into something precious.

OUTSIDE different
by Meridies snc
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OUTSIDE different